Fish Behavior

Why are my angelfish chasing each other?

3 Reasons Why Your Angelfish Are Chasing Each Other

As we’ve said several times before, angelfish tend to be rather laid-back fish. However, sometimes people notice behaviors that are not characteristic of angelfish. One such behavior that you might have noticed your angelfish displaying is chasing some of its other tank mates. Angelfish usually chase each other because they’re […]

do guppies eat baby guppies?

Do Guppies Eat Baby Guppies?

Do guppies eat baby guppies? You might be excited to see guppy babies once the females give birth to them, only to find out that slowly but surely, the babies are nowhere to be found. Did they get eaten? Did they disintegrate? Or were they fated to not be found? […]

Why is my female guppy attacking my male guppy?

Why Is My Female Guppy Attacking My Male Guppy?

For long-time guppy owners, you know that it is fairly common to see the male guppies chasing the female guppies. But what does it mean when the female guppies start chasing the males and eventually attacking them? Are they taking a stand against the constant bullying? Or is there something […]