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How long can fish live without a filter?

How Long Can Fish Survive Without A Filter?

A filter keeps the aquarium running and is necessary for most of the settings. It mimics the ecological environment that fishes are habitual to. So, how long can a fish live without a filter? Fish can survive in an artificial environment without a filter for about 3 days to a […]

Can fish sleep with the lights on?

Can Fish Sleep With The Lights On?

Not all fishes have eyelids to indicate they are sleeping, except for sharks. They sleep with their eyes open (a technique that would have been so useful to us humans in boring situations). So, can fish sleep with the lights on? The short and quick answer to it is no, […]

Why do my fish hang around near the filter?

5 Reasons Why Your Fish Stay Near The Filter

Your fish will give you indicators that something isn’t right in their tank even if everything else seems to be fine. Why are my fish hanging around the filter? There are several reasons why your fish are spending time together around the filter. It could be in their nature to […]

Do Angelfish Jump Out Of Tanks?

6 Reasons Why Angelfish Jump Out Of Tanks

Angelfish are spectacular-looking fish that you can keep in your aquarium. But, I was wondering whether the Angelfish jump out of their tanks or not. So, I decided to do some research and found some interesting information. Do angelfish jump out of tanks? Angelfish can jump out of their tanks. […]