Fish Behavior

Are guppies aggressive?

Are Guppies Aggressive? Facts And Solutions

Guppies are beautiful dainty fish, but how well do they do with others? Are guppies aggressive? Guppies are not viewed as an inherently aggressive fish. They live peacefully with those in their tank and their species. They are however playful with one another and might chase each other around the […]

Do koi fish eat minnows?

Do Koi Fish Eat Minnows? What You Must Know

Koi fish are one of the ornamental and popular variations of the common carp that you can keep in outdoor ponds. However, outdoor ponds can become mosquito infestation quite fast. So, you may be considering adding up fish breeds like minnows that feed on mosquito larvae. But as minnows are […]

Are my angelfish mating or fighting?

Are Your Angelfish Mating Or Fighting? The Differences

Angelfish are popular freshwater fish that many people enjoy having. Well-known for their beautiful appearance, these fish have interesting personalities and curious tendencies. One thing that many people notice is that these fish are aggressive eaters, but they may also display aggressive behavior toward each other. But angelfish are notorious […]

Why do angelfish kiss?

What Does It Mean When Angelfish Kiss?

Angelfish are known for being calm pets. Many people enjoy keeping them because they are easy to take care of and their behavior is predictable. But sometimes, you might notice that your angelfish is displaying strange behavior, which might lead you to worry. One behavior that many people worry about […]

Are angelfish aggressive with other fish?

Are Angelfish Aggressive With Other Fish?

The phrase should be changed to it’s a fish eat fish world because that is what your fish is going to do. Are angelfish aggressive with other fish? The angelfish are not any more aggressive than any other fish – they are just bigger. On a scale from completely docile […]

Are angelfish aggressive towards each other?

Are Angelfish Aggressive Towards Each Other?

The large size, range of colors, and unique shape have made the angelfish one the most popular elements of freshwater aquariums. But while gorgeous, angels are members of the cichlid family and may bully other fish in your tank at some point. But, are angelfish aggressive towards each other? While […]