Why Guppies Should Not Eat Goldfish Food

Can guppies eat goldfish food?Guppies are known to have specific dietary requirements. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, you might have a few questions regarding feeding on your mind. As an experienced fish owner, I have some really helpful tips to share with you.

Can you feed your guppies goldfish food? It is completely safe to feed your guppies with goldfish food. But keep in mind that it won’t offer the right nutrients for their needs. Guppies shouldn’t be fed with goldfish food only. It lacks protein, which is an essential part of a guppy’s diet.

Guppies need protein to be healthy and to have energy. Goldfish food doesn’t contain enough protein to cover their needs. The reason behind this is that goldfish food is made for fish that feed on plants and algae.

In nature, the guppy diet consists of small microorganisms, insects, and plants. This means that they are omnivorous fish and need a wide range of nutrients. In order to be healthy, they should eat both plant-based foods and live foods.

Why you shouldn’t feed guppies with goldfish food only

Goldfish flakes won’t do any harm to your guppies. If you don’t have anything else but goldfish food handy, do not hesitate to feed your guppies. But, keep in mind that this shouldn’t be the only thing they consume.

Guppies will gladly eat the goldfish flakes. To be exact, they would eat anything that you feed them. But it is up to you to give them the right nutrition as a responsible owner.

Goldfish flakes won’t satisfy the nutritional needs of guppies completely. It doesn’t contain enough proteins, which are essential for the guppies. Goldfish flakes are specially made for fish that consume plants and algae.

Guppies do eat plants in their natural habitat. But, they are omnivorous fish and their diet should be fortified with proteins.

Tropical flakes are a better choice. They are specially made for omnivorous fish that don’t feed only on plants. Guppies can’t thrive on plants only, so make sure that you get them good quality tropical flakes.

If goldfish food is the only thing that you have at the moment, you can feed your guppies. But, make sure that you do this only for a limited time. You are allowed to feed them with goldfish food until you purchase tropical flakes.

Before feeding them, make sure that you crush the flakes with your hands. This way, you can break them down into small pieces. It will be easier for the guppies to swallow them, as they have a small mouth.

How to feed your guppies

The proper diet consists of the right nutrition and a good feeding schedule. This way, you will make sure that your pets will stay healthy and have a long life.

When buying tropical flakes, specify that you need the ones made for smaller fish. Guppies have small mouths, so they need foods that are easy to swallow. You can also feed them special pellets, but also make sure that you get the small ones.

Despite of store-bought food, you can feed your guppies with freeze-dried food, live foods, and even vegetables. You can offer them foods that they eat in their natural habitats, such as bloodworms, daphnia, or brine shrimp. We explain here why brine shrimp are great for guppies!

Live foods are highly nutritious for guppies. However, you should be careful with them, because they might transfer certain diseases to your tank.

If you choose to feed them with both, stick to a good schedule. Feed them with flakes once a day. Vegetables, live or freeze-dried foods are recommended at least once a week.

Other foods that you can include are vegetables. It might sound strange, but fish will benefit from vegetables. Feel free to feed your fish with cucumbers, lettuce, or peas occasionally. This way, you will make sure that they get a variety of nutritions.

is goldfish food okay for guppies?

How frequently should I feed guppies?

Guppies have very small stomachs and fast metabolism. This is why they will always look hungry. Feed them with small portions one to three times per day. The right amount is the one that they would eat within 5 minutes. Anything more than that will remain and pollute the water.

This means that you should give them small meals throughout the day. This would be the perfect interval between feedings because the fish should have time to digest the food that they already ate.

Make sure that you don’t overfeed your fish. Guppies have a small stomach, so too much food can block their intestines. Make sure that you only feed them with a little amount of food. Excess food can cause two problems.

Since guppies can’t control themselves, they will eat as much of the food as they can. And we know that overeating can cause them intestine problems. Also, keep in mind that the food that stays in the aquarium will start to rot and pollute the water too.

Whenever you see some leftovers, remove them with a net.

Related questions

What do guppies exactly eat in their natural habitat?

In nature, they eat microorganisms, larvae, small crustaceans, and small amounts of algae. Insect larvae are their favorite food. In some areas of the world, guppies help fight against malaria. This is because they eat the mosquito larvae.

How much space do guppies need?

One guppy requires 1 gallon of water. Multiply this amount by the number of your guppies, if you plan to keep more than one. A lack of fo space might result in your guppies getting sick or even die.

What is the required water temperature?

Drastic changes in temperature can stress out your pets. The ideal temperature is somewhere between 50 and 84⁰ F. Make sure that you check the thermometer often to make sure that the temperature won’t go down or above the recommended temperature.

Why are my guppies are dying?

Polluted water is the number one reason for this. The food and the waste that fish produce will pollute the water. High concentrations of pollution will cause death. Drastic changes in water temperature are also a thing that can harm the fish. Overfeeding is another reason.

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