Fish Questions

How long can fish live without a filter?

How Long Can Fish Survive Without A Filter?

A filter keeps the aquarium running and is necessary for most of the settings. It mimics the ecological environment that fishes are habitual to. So, how long can a fish live without a filter? Fish can survive in an artificial environment without a filter for about 3 days to a […]

Can fish sleep with the lights on?

Can Fish Sleep With The Lights On?

Not all fishes have eyelids to indicate they are sleeping, except for sharks. They sleep with their eyes open (a technique that would have been so useful to us humans in boring situations). So, can fish sleep with the lights on? The short and quick answer to it is no, […]

Are betta fish hardy?

Are Betta Fish Hardy? 6 Things You MUST Do

With their flashing colors and long slinky fins, bettas are one of the most eye-catching fish species you are going to see in a pet store. Besides their good looks, bettas are also known for being resilient and easy to keep, which makes them hard to resist. But, are betta […]

Are goldfish smart?

Here Is How Incredibly Smart Goldfish Really Are

How smart is your goldfish? They are smarter than most people believe, but in comparison to other fish, they have a lower IQ level. Most people think that goldfish only have a three-second memory, much like Dory on the beloved Disney movie, Finding Nemo. This isn’t the case. Studies have […]

Do goldfish recognize their owners?

Do Goldfish Recognize Their Owners?

When a lot of people think of goldfish, they envision a rather stupid animal. But the reality is actually much different. This is one of the least-studied animals out there, and one question that many scientists have wanted to answer is whether or not a goldfish has the mental capacity […]

are angelfish hardy fish?

How Hardy Are Angelfish Really?

Angelfish are one of the most popular species of pet fish nowadays. Although they can be temperamental, they look great and they’re somewhat easy to keep, which is why many aquarists are looking into getting them. But are angelfish hardy or do you easily risk endangering their health? Fortunately, angelfish […]

Are angelfish hard to keep?

Are Angelfish Hard To Keep? 5 Facts You Must Know

Angelfish make stunning additions to sizable community aquariums. However, as you might know, the most beautiful fish are often times very hard to keep. So the question is, how hard is keeping angelfish really? For an experienced fish keeper, they are quite easy to care for. However, as with any […]

Why is my male guppy bloated?

3 Reasons Why Your Male Guppy Is Bloated!

Guppies are easy and inexpensive to maintain and beautiful to look at with their vibrant colors and flashy tails. But like all other fish, they too are not immune to health problems. Why is my male guppy bloated? The most common reason for bloating in male guppies is the dropsy […]