Author: Pierre and the WaterWorldCraze-Team

Can two painted turtles live together?

Can Two Painted Turtles Live Together?

Painted turtles are common pet turtles and are often offered in pairs or groups in pet shops. Also, they can live upwards of 50 years, which begs the question: Does my turtle need a companion? Two painted turtles can live together in the same tank as long as they are […]

do red-eared sliders like to be held

Do Red-Eared Sliders Like To Be Held?

As devoted pet owners, we love our turtles and want to enjoy handling them. But of course, we hope that our pets feel comfortable and safe when we spend time together. So, do Red-Eared Sliders like to be held?  Red-Eared Sliders are not affectionate and do not enjoy being held. […]

how to calm a turtle down

How To Calm Your Turtle Down

So, you have an unfriendly pet turtle that’s skittish in the tank and nervous in your presence. What’s going on, and what can you do to calm your reptile down? Restless turtles that just moved into a new tank need time to get used to their new environment. Turtles that […]

can you take a turtle for a walk

Can You Take Your Turtle For A Walk?

Living in a tank could be exhausting and boring for turtles since they like to explore and search for food and new activities. Even the largest tanks can’t provide enough occupation for your aquatic pet. However, can you take your turtle out for a walk? Taking a turtle for a […]

do turtles grow according to tank size?

Do Turtles Grow According To Tank Size?

Many factors, for instance, the water temperature and the diet have an impact on your turtle’s growth. However, do turtles grow according to the tank size? The size of your turtle tank does not directly affect the growth of your pet. Nevertheless, the lack of swimming space and the excessive […]

why do turtles pee when being picked up

Why Turtles Pee When Being Picked Up

Why does your turtle pee every time you pick it up? What’s going on down below that causes this spontaneous urination. The answer may surprise you. Turtles urinate when they feel scared or threatened. The volume and rapid release of liquid serve as a natural defense mechanism used to startle […]

why does my turtle water get cloudy so fast

Why Your Turtle’s Water Turns Cloudy Fast

Any aquatic pet will need regular tank maintenance to keep its enclosure clean and keep them healthy. A turtle is no exception. However, you may find that your turtle’s tank water becomes cloudy fast. Why may that be? Your turtle’s tank water becomes cloudy because of unbalanced water chemicals. It’s […]

how do I get my turtle to trust me

How To Get Your Turtle To Trust You

Aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles are a popular choice of pet. At the same time, there are many different aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles that you can keep as pets. However, when looking at owning a turtle as a pet, I was unsure if all turtle species would be able to learn […]

Do turtles need a rock to sit on?

Do Turtles Need A Rock To Sit On?

Aquatic turtles live in lakes and ponds with thick vegetation, growing on substrates, like sand, small stones, and large rocks. Rocks can create a rich aesthetic experience in your turtle tank. However, do turtles need a rock to sit on? Turtles use large rocks for basking in the light. Stones […]

should I clean the algae off my turtle?

Should I Clean Algae Off My Turtle?

Tiny organisms such as algae, barnacles, and small crabs are natural hitchhikers on sea turtle shells, also known as epibionts. In their natural habitat, they use the carapace as a home or a food source. In turtle tanks and ponds, algae can also populate the turtle shell, often without causing […]