Why is my male guppy bloated?

3 Reasons Why Your Male Guppy Is Bloated!

Guppies are easy and inexpensive to maintain and beautiful to look at with their vibrant colors and flashy tails. But like all other fish, they too are not immune to health problems. Why is my male guppy bloated? The most common reason for bloating in male guppies is the dropsy […]

Can guppies eat goldfish food?

Why Guppies Should Not Eat Goldfish Food

Guppies are known to have specific dietary requirements. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, you might have a few questions regarding feeding on your mind. As an experienced fish owner, I have some really helpful tips to share with you. Can you feed your guppies goldfish food? It […]

Are guppies hardy?

Are Guppies Hardy? Common Diseases And Health Tips

Extremely popular with both beginners and seasoned aquarists, guppies are relatively easy to keep and bring amazing color diversity to the tank. Best known for their ability to reproduce faster than the speed of light, guppies are reputedly really tough to kill. But let’s see if this is true! So, […]

Are guppies aggressive?

Are Guppies Aggressive? Facts And Solutions

Guppies are beautiful dainty fish, but how well do they do with others? Are guppies aggressive? Guppies are not viewed as an inherently aggressive fish. They live peacefully with those in their tank and their species. They are however playful with one another and might chase each other around the […]