Fish Questions

Are guppies hardy?

Are Guppies Hardy? Common Diseases And Health Tips

Extremely popular with both beginners and seasoned aquarists, guppies are relatively easy to keep and bring amazing color diversity to the tank. Best known for their ability to reproduce faster than the speed of light, guppies are reputedly really tough to kill. But let’s see if this is true! So, […]

What fish can live with koi in a tank?

What Fish Can Live With Koi In A Tank?

Community tanks are a beautiful way to connect to different varieties of fish and how a natural ecosystem interacts, but it can be difficult to combine fish that have restrictive environment requirements. What fish can live with koi in a tank? The types of fish that can live with koi […]

How many eggs do angelfish lay?

How Many Eggs Do Angelfish Lay?

So, you’ve successfully been able to have your male and female angelfish mate and pair off. Your female angelfish has laid eggs- now what? How many eggs is she going to lay? This will depend on several factors, including the water conditions, how healthy the fish are, and how many […]