Are angelfish aggressive with other fish?

Are Angelfish Aggressive With Other Fish?

The phrase should be changed to it’s a fish eat fish world because that is what your fish is going to do. Are angelfish aggressive with other fish? The angelfish are not any more aggressive than any other fish – they are just bigger. On a scale from completely docile […]

Are angelfish aggressive towards each other?

Are Angelfish Aggressive Towards Each Other?

The large size, range of colors, and unique shape have made the angelfish one the most popular elements of freshwater aquariums. But while gorgeous, angels are members of the cichlid family and may bully other fish in your tank at some point. But, are angelfish aggressive towards each other? While […]

Why are my angelfish chasing each other?

3 Reasons Why Your Angelfish Are Chasing Each Other

As we’ve said several times before, angelfish tend to be rather laid-back fish. However, sometimes people notice behaviors that are not characteristic of angelfish. One such behavior that you might have noticed your angelfish displaying is chasing some of its other tank mates. Angelfish usually chase each other because they’re […]

Do Angelfish recognize their owners?

Do Angelfish Recognize Their Owners?

Angelfish are one of the most popular aquatic pets due to their striking appearance and color variations, yet their high intelligence is what makes them even more interesting. While most people think that fish aren’t especially smart, you have probably noticed that your angel likes to interact with you and […]

Can angelfish change gender?

Can Angelfish Change Gender?

Finding a difference between a female and male angelfish is not as simple as looking between their fins! Even experienced aquarists can have a hard time spotting the difference between male and female angels. In turn, there are many examples when a female angel turns to be a male or […]