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do guppies eat baby guppies?

Do Guppies Eat Baby Guppies?

Do guppies eat baby guppies? You might be excited to see guppy babies once the females give birth to them, only to find out that slowly but surely, the babies are nowhere to be found. Did they get eaten? Did they disintegrate? Or were they fated to not be found? […]

Can guppies eat bread?

Can Guppies Eat Bread? Bad Idea!

We’ve all seen it. You’re out on a sunny day, and notice people crowded around a pond feeding bread to fish. While it’s cute to watch fish beg for a treat, you may wonder if you can do this with your pet guppies also. But, before you get your bite-sized […]

What to feed Guppies when out of fish food?

What To Feed Guppies When Out Of Food?

What can you feed your guppies if you’re out of fish food? Guppies can survive without food for two weeks. If you run out of flake food there is a variety of other options to choose from. Your children didn’t tell you they had used the last of the flake […]

Why is my female guppy attacking my male guppy?

Why Is My Female Guppy Attacking My Male Guppy?

For long-time guppy owners, you know that it is fairly common to see the male guppies chasing the female guppies. But what does it mean when the female guppies start chasing the males and eventually attacking them? Are they taking a stand against the constant bullying? Or is there something […]

Should you isolate a pregnant guppy?

Should You Isolate A Pregnant Guppy?

One of the most popular and common household pet fish is the guppy, after goldfish that is! Not only it adds plenty of color to your aquarium but is cheap and easy to maintain. However, when it is time to multiply, you will find that they can overstock a tank […]

Can male guppies turn into female?

Can Male Guppies Turn Into Females?

You will often find queries on fish keeping forums about guppies changing their gender. Many swear that they were sure that they bought fishes of a particular amount of sex ratio and it turned out to be different during breeding. So, can male guppies really turn into females? While it […]

Can guppies breed with other fish?

Can Guppies Breed With Other Fish?

Guppies are truly fascinating with all their colors and patterns. This is one of the reasons why breeders love to breed this fish since not only do they produce such beautiful fry, but they are also easy to breed. What if you want to take your breeding game to the […]